Pride is the enemy of hope

I came across this line, “Pride is the enemy of hope”, somewhere at some point.  I wrote it down and have been mulling it over for a bit now.  Is it true?

Hope is not an abstract way of thinking, setting your mind on a possible future or outcome that is favorable to you.  I mean, it is, but it can only be stunted by present calamities.  Hope towards, strain forward, for what?  In my theology, in my worldview, it hinges on a person.  Hope is a person.  Pride, self-made king, only stands in opposition to this One.

How can I look to a future of myself, the self-made man, and long for anything more than what he has given to me?  My future looking is limited by my death, something I cannot overcome but something I deserve.  I need the one who has Overcome.

Is this not what Paul is warning about in Chapter 8 of Romans?  We are not to hope and cling to the flesh, our own desires and plans.  Which is king, me and my frail body or the One who has overcome?


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