The Divine Act

“…grace is found in the divine act in eternity whereby the Father appoints the Son as Mediator and the Son voluntarily accepts the role.”

There is nothing that astounds me more at times as I stare at the world around, the beauty and the horror, and see the deep love of God in Christ.  For this, He agreed to die.  For this, He was asked to die.  To the hope of our eternity it was agreed, and not for own sake but for the glory of the One who is sovereign over all.  This thought grieves me, that I should be the problem.  My heart leaps at such a thought, such joy!  I am loved by a God so great.  And not me only, but those whom He has called and who answer his call.

This grace has found me and drives me on, as a husband, as a father, as a chaplain.


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