We took the girls to audition for a local play yestrday.  I sat and waited with another family we’ve come to know of late, and I played with the kids. Their dad has been gone for about a month and I’m leaving shortly for an extended period of time.  My wife talked and looked over the rehearsal schedule and they made decisions and talked about the near future.  Its a future that I’m removed from.

The hardest part about this is the knowledge that there will be a blank spot of 9 months in my memory with my family.  Contemporary technology will make it all the more clearer what I’m missing and will allow me to be a part of it.  But still.

I’m excited to be a part of my unit and to work with my soldiers over there.  I’m excited to be a part of 3-8 Cav history.  And whatever I’m going through in my head is universal to my soldiers, as well.

I was once given terrible advice that I should remove myself frommy congregation and not let them know what I’m going through.  “It makes you vulnerable,” he said.  This is the worst idea anyone in ministry could have, that we must set ourselves against those we serve as though we are indeed on a pedestal. I need Christ just as much as any of my soldiers.  To rob my soldiers, or anyone I’m serving, of them getting to know my need for Christ or my thankfulness for Him is hypocrisy and couldeasily lead them to think I know everything.  Truth be told, I know a little Hebrew, a little Greek, and my need for a Saviour.  If I would have my soldiers think that I’m better than them I have removed myself from their lives.  If I would have my soldiers believe that I do not miss my family, I have removed myself from a sphere of influence that my God has called me to.


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