Anxiously not packing

I’m sitting on the couch this morning instead of packing. Packing needs to happen with all expedited necessity… But I’m making a perfect concerted effort not to do it at this moment. The girls are at school, Heather is working on stuff, and Ewan is falling asleep on my chest. This peace, this moment, may not occur again until after June 2015.

I just read an article about the community of the Creator God. Even before He created, he was content in Himself. Creation was not done out of necessity or out of loneliness. He just was and everything was at peace.

I sit on the couch now content. I know what’s coming, the distance between myself and my family, my friends. I know the great opportunities that await me to connect with my soldiers and to show them a God who loves them, who gave Himself for them, not out of necessity but because He is who He was, and He’s already who He’s going to be.

Things can go to pause for a moment.


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