Things that go bump on the television screen

Claire got freaked out the other night.  A preview came on for a horor movie about a doll that was possessed.  As Halloween gets closer, I’m assuming we’ll be seeing more and more of these previews.  However, kudos to the guy that fiugured out porcelein dolls were creepy… cause nobody else ever realized that…

Anyway, she got freaked out and wanted to know why people would want to watch that type of movie.  A good question, for sure.  I hate being scared.  There are things I’d be willing to do, amounts I’d pay to avoid being in those situations.

We talked about fear and the Sovereignty of God and our hope in Christ.  I don’t know that it helped.  She was really freaked out and slept in our bed.

I have no problem with any of my kids sleeping in our bed.  Especially since I’m leaving so soon.



3 thoughts on “Things that go bump on the television screen

  1. I know exactly which commercial you’re referring to and it is absolutely horrid. We have decided to quit watching Hulu until after Halloween. We can get caught up later. There is absolutely no reason THAT commercial should come on during a show that children watch. Insane. As in, “I’m about to write a letter to somebody” kind of insane.

    • I was surprised it came on during Agents of Shield… But I have to remind myself we’re watching an hour “before” the east coast, so programming is going to be different.

      • True. I can’t wait until these commercials are replaced with Christmas commercials! I hate Halloween… it’s the only black spot on FALL in my opinion.

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