The quaking bench at the parole office


I drove a soldier to his parole officer meeting today. I entered and was encountered with three church pews which now seat the waiting parolees before their meeting.

How appropriate, and how terrible. Indeed, these individuals sit and wait each month for the officer to say “well done.” And yet, my mind goes to the souls sitting on Sundays ever waiting for he day of hearing “well done” from their beloved master.

But it’s the waiting that kills. We’re assured in Scripture that our anxiousness gets us nowhere. We’re affirmed that even as we wait, He is faithful and true to complete that which He began in us.

The time we spend sitting on the bench is not a loss. Sometimes we need those moments where fear can awaken something in us. Sometimes we need to be assured in confidence that we can stand upright before Him because He loves us, and He’s faithful and true.


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