Really? The excitement of a 4 year olds first visit to Disney World


We’ve made it to Florida for our family vacation. It’s Alice’s first trip to Disney and she has had some jaw dropping experiences already. And it’s just from talking about stuff.

We had dinner last night at the Polynesian Resort. Heather brought the girls back from their bathroom excursion to tell me that Alice was not impressed so far. “She says this is not Disney.”

I took her and Claire and Lily to the window and showed her the tall spires of Cinderella’s Castle across the Lagoon.

“Do you know what that is?”

“Cinderella’s Castle.”

“And who lives there?”

Still staring at the turrets, “Cinderella.”

“And do you see that orange circle?”

“Yes. ” she hasn’t taken her eyes off the castle.

“That the clock that Cinderella used to get mad at because it would tell her when to start her work. Do you remember that?”


“And tomorrow, you will walk through her castle. You walk right beneath the portcullis and into a great hallway and you will be in Cinderella’s castle.”

“Really?” she asks and her voiced lifted as if I had said the most amazing thing in all the world.

And I got excited, too. I could feel her excitement and I got a rush of joy.

I’ve been excited over a lot lately. A new job doing what I love to do. Seeing my wife and kids settle into our new place. Getting a new couch. And in all these things there is a great anticipation and then a great relief of fruition. And then, peace.

I would make no mistake in saying that hearing a four year old’s voice light up over seeing something she’s only seen in pictures or heard others talk about is a spiritual experience. For me or for her. No, it’s not.

And then I read John 14 this morning and I felt my excitement build when I thought about the day He’s coming back. When my faith, all those stories I’ve heard and read about, will be sight. I’m still living in the anticipation. And one day, a great relief of fruition. Then peace. Forever.


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