Podcasts from home

Being away from Harrisburg now for almost two months, I’ve been reminded about the power of voice.

I’m a fairly relationship centered guy. I enjoy being around others I can count ok and being a guy that others can turn to. I enjoy inviting others for dinner. I would rather go for a run with someone than run the empty streets by myself.

I subscribe to the podcast of the church I attended in Harrisburg. It’s a crap shoot as to what I’ll hear first. Sometimes the person recording starts it at the worship. Sometimes at the prayer. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence (which I’m assuming means they remembered all of a sudden to hit record).

Either way, the voice that greets me is a relief. It’s nice to hear the familiar of someone that I used to spend a lot of time with. It’s hard to describe the relief I feel. It’s hard to put a word to it besides familiar, or comfort.

My days here are busy, full of meeting new people and establishing new relationships. It’s nice to hear the voice of someone I know. Someone that I don’t need to prove myself to. Someone that doesn’t need to prove himself to me.

It’s nice.


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