How was Army today?

My girls. They are aware of what I do, I think. At least when they say what I do, it sounds right. It sounds like what I’ve told them.

“Did you help any soldiers today?”

“Did you talk to soldiers about God today?”

“How was Army today?”

Some days, I want to say that I didn’t help anyone. That my office was empty and I was devoid of conversation. But invariably, the truth is I’m always where I’m supposed to be. And where I am I do my job.

I was out with the troops and I was supposed to catch a ride with the chow truck to go visit some other units. But, the truck left without me. So I was stuck where I was… And I had some great conversations with soldiers that I wouldn’t have had when I left.

I was unaware that morning PT was not being held. I showed up in PT’s and was welcomed by a pretty empty parking lot. I did connect with a company that was doing a run, so I went out with them… All unplanned. Also unplanned we’re the conversations I got to have with soldiers afterwards that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

I am always amazed at how much I take these things for granted. Given the opportunity and my willingness to bend and be open, God will line up someone to talk to. The reality is I never really plan on helping anyone. It just kind of happens.


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