Inadvertent watering


You just never know what you will say or how you are will inadvertently bring fruit in someone, or encourage someone to hear the call and respond in faith.

I don’t know of a water buffalo that doesn’t leak (a large mobile water storage we use in the field). And sometimes not a little bit. The one we had on this exercise was slowly creating a marsh under it despite the heat. And the plants under it were thriving and green despite the Texas size sun and heat that were lambasting it.

The water buffalo had no intention of watering the ground beneath it. And we had no intention to waste this spillage, but it happened none the less. And the plants thrived under the water buffalo’s wanton waste.

You never know who might thrive under you and the spillage of your faith. But, one thing is certain, if you are of faith of who Jesus is as Lord, then others should thrive around you. They may not know why, but your shadow should not cast burden or fear, but hope.


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