Hard times


There are certainly easier ways to do things. When the path you are on leads to choices, some times they are nothing more than grape or strawberry jelly. Sometimes they are choices that effect us down deep, moral or immoral. Sometimes those choices are brought down to listening and acting in obedience, or running the other way.

To follow Christ we would hope to diminish our abundance of choices. But Scripture has a cacophony of disagreement to say to that. Jesus warns us that troubles are coming and we need to persevere and wait for the words to come. Paul talks about a war with our flesh, a war he appears to be in the midst of. Jude warns us not to stray like wandering stars.

All of those verses mean nothing if there isn’t a choice that exists: obey or run. Stand firm or be found weak as water.

And obedience can mean pain, within our very bodies as much as forces acting against our flesh like swords or fire. And it’s those internal ones that I found hardest to bear. Because they hurt the most.

But we are promised peace and hope and joy. And still we ask, Come Quickly.


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