She’s learning the words to songs

<Santanna has been with us a little over a month now. She's learning our routine, and her days which helps. When I pick her up from school her first question is what day is it. Then, "is Claire have soccer practice today?" Or, "is tonight when all the friends come over?"

She's gotten used to us and has started to mimic us. Habits she had when she first came are slowly fading away as she adjusts to what could be considered a normal home life in the States… Complete with bed times, and having to eat your meals. And by normal, I guess I mean stable. Though chaotic at times, there's a routine to our days, weeks, and months.

One of the more awesome things we Fullers do is listen to music, somewhat loudly, and we sing in the car. Some of us have more of an ear than others… And some have a lot of emotion to their voice. Alice will inevitably ask for tbe music to be "turned up." Adele is a favorite of the girls; they sing very loudly to her. The music style varies from worship albums with overtly Christian themes and words, to, well, Adele, The Lumineers, and Coldplay. I try to keep the harder stuff for when I drive my own car. The girls don't seem to appreciate old-school Thrice the way they should. Maybe they'll grow into it. I digress.

We've been jamming a lot lately to the latest Hillsong United album. I really like it so its on heavy rotation as it is. We were on our way to church on Sunday and I could hear my girls in the back singing. And then I heard the small faint addition of Santanna. She was singing along.

I wonder sometimes how much we help, really help. I think sometimes that I'm just the worst example of someone to follow because I'm so aware of my own faults and weaknesses. I wonder about my parenting style and how it's affecting my girls in their own future parenting.

And then there are moments like this one. I become frightfully aware that my life, our life (Heather's and I's) is being watched and sown things are getting picked up. She will not be ours forever, but maybe she will remember that song and it will help a little to remind her who is in control, and how much she was loved, is loved, will continue to be loved.

Wanna sing along with us? Learn the song here:“>Hillsong United


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