Embracing the suck


I spent the weekend two weeks ago serving one of my units out in Ohio. It was cold, freezing, and the rain did little to help. We had bunks, but they added little comfort in the warehouse where we slept. There were no showers, which didn’t matter. any sweat that formed became ice. Joining the Army lessens the expectations for 5 star, or even 1 star accommodations. This is not the place to expect anything, really, so whining takes a back seat.

The commander of the unit apologized that they didn’t put me in a nearby hotel. I laughed, and said, “LT, if you get a chaplain who would rather spend the night in a hotel than embrace the suck, you have my permission to look for another chaplain and not trust a word that comes out of their mouth.”

When ministry is involved, why would anyone expect to be treated better than those they are trying to serve? We’re told in 1 John that we know God loves us because his Son laid down His life for us. When I see pictures of Jesus out and about with the people I always look to see how “clean” He looks. If He’s not grimy, then it can’t possibly be accurate.

If I am not willing to give up niceties in order to be with those I serve, I am worthless and my ministry is a sham. You have my permission not to trust me and to look for another chaplain.


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