“Come on, Ladies.”

I get it. Jillian’s Ripped in 30 was probably not meant for men. First sign: there are only women behind her showing the modifiers. Second sign: she keeps saying “Come on, Ladies”. But, I started her DvD series today because my wife likes it a lot. She always looks sore and moves stiffly about when she’s done it, which is always a good sign of a good workout.

Today was day one, and my core feels it. I forgot what a good workout feels like, the kind that makes you want to lie down and just be still for awhile. The kind of workout where parts of your body shake afterwards. But not vomit.

It just seems weird to be told to
“Come on, Ladies”, as I squat and bend as manly as I possibly can. It’s like a second challenge on top of all the squats and bends.


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