Laughing at the uncomfortable bits.

I was there, standing in Home Depot, with two friends to get paint, across from three guys, one of whom was my old college roommate. Polite hellos, and I introduced the two guys I was standing with and, following etiquette, I brought up a likewise interest. And then, it came, the slow chuckle of the uncomfortable situation. The event itself wasn’t funny, just awkward.

How would they possibly know each other? The organization that they were both involved in was pretty big, they didn’t live in the same area. It was as I said it that the absurdity of it hit me. So, I laughed. Mostly at myself. Partly at the situation.

“What’s so funny?” said the old college roommate.

I then turned and looked at the five guys standing in the middle of Home Depot, with the bright orange shelves lined with plumbing equipment, with blank looks. They weren’t in on the joke. It was just my awkward laugh and the joke in my head.

We said goodbye, I got my paint and we left.

I haven’t seen that roommate in awhile.


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