We are created beings, first

How often do we forget that we are created beings? It’s hard for me to remember. Even harder for me to remember that in the great span of timelines, my life amounts to the span of a breath. The question, when I was a young adult, was what do I do with this breath?

In Romans, chapter 1, Paul states that God is clearly seen by all through His creation. Well, all His creation, except us. Trees have not revolted. Rabbits have not searched for another God. Just us. Yet, I cannot help but wonder if we do not still show the power of God. Can we, as image bearers, not show the Creator even though the image is now out of focus? When we see each other, can we marvel at the Creator’s care and workmanship?

As we share the identity of being human, we are each under the penalty of sin and have no right to condemn anyone. But in his kindness, He relents punishment so that we can repent. And where does repentance lead? To our own kindness and service to those who fall under the identity of being human. If God shows no partiality, neither than can we.

Paul makes it clear in Romans 2:8 that a hallmark of the unrepentant is being self-seeking.How have you shown kindness, served, another human being lately? How did you as a created being, during Lent, show the glory and power of God by becoming a servant to someone else?


One thought on “We are created beings, first

  1. Thank you for those beautiful truths. What a grand perspective of life! May the good Lord continue to bless you and the family. Love from West Lafayette, Indiana (where it wasn’t ALL bad memories, I pray)! Glenda

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