Post-Lenten posts


For the last 40 Days, I’ve done without Twitter and Facebook and blogging. I haven’t even read anyone else’s blogs. I took all the games off of my iPhone and iPad. I’ve also only been drinking water. So, I’ve had headaches and I’ve felt like I’m completely missing things.

But it’s been good. I needed to break away from community, that community, and be content with who I have around me. Seems weird, but I’ve also learned to wait patiently again. I may have a headache while I waited, but I waited, and struck up conversations with those around me. Even people I don’t know.

I’ve also become annoyed when people check their phones while I am standing with them. As if they can’t do that anytime else.

So, that was my Lent. I guess we’ll see how the rest of the year fairs.

This also gave me the opportunity to write blogs ahead of time. So, there should be a steady stream for awhile. But my immediate community is now my concern, so sorry if I don’t get back to you right away, or I’m not sure what your relationship status is. You’ll just have to tell me about it with your own voice, preferably with your own face in front of mine.


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