Back aches

I hurt my back over the weekend. It was a typical Saturday, or at least trying to be typical since I’ve come back. Before I left for Ft Jackson we had recently moved into our house. When I came back there were some things to be done to make our house feel like a home. Well, more like more home. I’m actually glad my wife “saved” some of these things for me to do, because it has helped with getting me back here in my mind.

So, Saturday…. I hung some pictures, moved some furniture, played with my girls… And then I felt like my back had been ripped in two. Such pain! I didn’t see stars. I saw whole galaxies, spinning and whirling around my entire head. I could feel the color drain from my face. Heather found me lying on the floor in front of the tv, trying to just lie still.

Oh, the things you take for granted when you can’t bend down. Putting on underwear is not an adventure, it is a skill to be treasured.

I’ve been downing ibuprofen and aleve. Heather got me some heat pads, and it feels good, but the pain is still there. Just constant uncomfortable.

What really caused this? Saturday was a milestone. It was the first day in a long time when I didn’t work out. When I looked in the mirror on Sunday morning getting ready for church I knew what was up really. It was as if my body had, upon realizing that we were not going to work out, said, “sucker! Now is my time!”. And spasm. Pain. Agony. Shock and awe up my back.

Home remedies welcome.


2 thoughts on “Back aches

    • I know… 3 months of running, jumping, flinging myself from things and ramparts, and this happens one week after I get home.

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