Freedom! The art of tying one’s shoes…


Lily is starting Kindergarten this week. How amazingly old I feel to have two kids in elementary school. This is only lessened by the fact that I know I’ll feel much older when one of them, if not all of them, are in high school.

Lily is at that age when tying shoes has become a hallmark. It’s like using the using the toilet. It’s that small moment of breaking away from your parents and becoming a self-sustaining individual. And right before she gets to the point of doing it on her own, the “I cant” comes out. It lurks on the corner of her mouth right after she says she needs her shoes tied. So every shoe tying becomes a lesson in the art in the bow and pull.

These hallmarks are only heralded at the moment, soon to be eclipsed by greater moments of individual freedom. We’ve been through quite a few of them with Claire. This is all parenthood, right? You are raising your kids so that they can be independent of you, able to make good decisions. It’s setting them up for a good leaving and cleaving.

I want them to leave well. Shoes tied by themselves.


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