The Good and The Bad

My slow reading of Malachi has been good. Such a small book of encouragement and challenge. There is a reinforced theme: the difference between those who choose righteousness and those who choose evil. The distinction is based on obedience and honoring not just God, but also those He has placed in those He is leading. And there is sorrow, such great sorrow, for those who choose to disobey. And joy, such immense joy, for those who obey.

Belief is such an important role in obedience. It is the stalwart grace through feast and famine. It is both fire and cloud. It is what starts the journey and what sustains it. It is the hearty gladness at the rain, and the horror of watching the effects of disobedience.

It could be easy to set your eyes on those who make poor choices and wait for God to rain down fire. But it’s harder to stay and to mourn. When the watch comes, who are you? Are you the kind to reflect the malice and hard heartedness that rolls so easy? Or, do you choose the heart that as it walked through the city that had condemned it mourned for its future destruction?


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