I watched a father care for his son

It was after breakfast, and we were all biding our time in the Fellowship Hall.  Sunday School could have been starting soon, but we hold class in the Fellowship Hall and there was a lot of buzz as tables were being cleaned and torn down.  There was a lot going on.  So I was biding my time, helping out, as I waited for a good point to convene class.  We were talking about John 20, appropriate for last Sunday.

At one point, I was gifted with a small glance at a friend of mine as he was carrying his newborn son.  The look on the father’s face was one calm and peace, as he looked down at his son who was doing nothing but just being there.  There’s not much the son can do right now.  He can lift his head during “tummy time”, he can eat, and he can definitely fill his diaper.  But not much.  And here was a father, just enjoying being with his son, finding joy in caring for him because he cannot care for himself.

It was just a momentary glance, informed by knowing the couple and their son.  But on Easter, as I watched this unfold, too many thoughts creeped into my head.  But all came down to one remarkable phrase through a song, “Oh, how He loves us.”  I was teaching that morning on Christ’s resurrection, but most specifically on Thomas who wanted to see the scars and Christ who was willing to provide the proof.  This is a personal moment between Thomas and Christ and we are lucky enough to have had witnesses for something so intimate.  Christ is reaching out to Thomas to show him how much he was loved.  It is watching a father care for his son.  And it is beautiful.


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