What Pinterest means to me…


I was reluctant to start Pinterest. I didn’t get it. To me it was like creating a large to-do list that I wasn’t sure was ever going to get done. If that was even the goal, to get these things done.


I understand what it means find inspiration, to glean ideas from others or from nature to figure out what I was going to do. I didn’t look at Pinterest like this. I don’t know that I do yet. Instead I’m finding it more to be as I first saw it: a place to make to-do lists that I’m not sure are even meant to get done.


What is Pinterest? It’s my new place to hoard things. You hoard things that you found useful once and you’re just not sure what you’re going to do with anymore, but why get rid of it? It’s not taking up that much space. I can get around to fixing it. I’ll find a use for it. Maybe someone else could use it and I’ll just hold onto it until they need it. This is Pinterest.


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