End of the year list, music-ish, 2

So, this was my hardest list to think through.  I listen to a lot of music.  Too much, really.  I have quite the collection, and I like to listen to all of it.  Well, most of it.  But I think I’ve come up with a list that best reflects my tastes… just like anyone else making a list this time of year.  Again, no particular order.  Just musical awesomeness.

1)  Adele, 21:  Pure amazing.  Seriously.  Amazing.

2)  Farewell Flight, Out for Blood:  They tried to change their name, and it didn’t last, which I was happy to hear about.  This album is really nothing new… but it finalized in my head how great these songs are, how good these guys are, and how well they can construct an album.  Worth the listen.

3)  Sleeping at Last, The Yearbook Collection:  I first saw Sleeping at Last way back in the day, with their first album when they were at the Purple Door festival.  I loved them then and they have never ceased to impress me with each new album.  The last was a series of Ep’s, each one crafted around a month, and each one better than the last.  I waited in anticipation for each new month.  They are all a part of my steady rotation.

4)  Chris Thile & Michael Daves, Sleep With One Eye Open:  I have a soft-spot for good bluegrass, or anything that hinges on “old-timey” and these two guys did an absolutely wonderful job on this album.  It makes you feel warm all over, without making you feel like you’re stuck in a time machine.  Rather, this album is timeless.

5)The Decemberists, The King is Dead:  Ah, Decemberists.  They said they left some of their Edwardian sensibilities behind, but this is no Crane Wife.  This is a great album.

6)  Sondre Lerche, Sondre Lerche:  OK.  Sondre.  I have never met anyone else who listens to him in real life.  I know that Drew Barrymore did at one point, but I’m never met her.  I have a thing for this kid.  And this is my favorite album of his so far.  I listened to it the entire way back from Indiana, and it was not just good comfort, it was good tweak pop for the soul.

7)  Thrice, Major/Minor:  Who cannot beat amazing theology wrapped in great music?  Sure, they’re not the same old Thrice, but that’s ok.  They know what they’re doing.  And it is pleasing.

8)  Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons:  Confession: I do not like live albums.  Except this one.  Such an encouraging album, full of grace and truth.  Amazing.

9)  Sojourn, The Water and the Blood:  This group.  To hear them live is to blow this album away.  So, listen to this, then wish you could be in Kentucky.


So, what did you listen to this past year?


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