Hello, Silence! The dreaded prayer request time…

A quick joke:  How do you get a group of Christians quiet?

A:  Ask for prayer requests!


Seriously, though, what happens?  The “leader”, be they the teacher, the small group leader, the pastor, when the question is asked why do the crickets take over and we all look down?  It’s as if we’ve asked for the dirtiest secret we have, and we need to share it.  So we face our feet and hope that someone else talks.

Here’s the privilege: that we get to pray for one another which is really caring for each other in the most unique way.  The is a way that only Christians can care for each other.  So, why do we turn silent?  Why do we make this the opportunity to make sure the shoes are tied, or our socks match?


Why do you share?  Why don’t you share?  I’m kinda curious.  I mean, I got my idea why I do or don’t, but why don’t you?



2 thoughts on “Hello, Silence! The dreaded prayer request time…

  1. Interesting, we were just talking about this…we should be ready to “confess our sins and pray for one another so that we may be healed” (James 5:16) — this verse is truth! Why we turn silent can be pride – not wanting anyone to think that we are struggling or pride in not admitting we need help…shocker: we all sin, and we all therefore need a Savior. That’s why we have the cross and need to live in the grace of the gospel every day.

    …but the more delicate question we have been wrestling with is how do you “rope in” sharing time? I mean, we can have a few “Stage 5 Sharers” (thanks Matt Chandler for the label) and soon we find ourselves praying for a nephews’ friends’ neighbor’s dog? 🙂

  2. This is an interesting question, i found myself thinking about it the other week. I think what it comes down to really is trust, both us trusting those we’re with and the trustworthiness we perceive in those we’re sharing with. For example i recently made a mistake that I would normally be incredibly reluctant to share. In our house though we’ve made a point of removing the culture of hiding sin that we’re all pretty familiar with. So when the time came I freely shared my mistake and only realized a few days later how significant it was that i did it almost without hesitating and without thinking about it.

    We have to know, not intellectually but through experience and relationship with the person that our mess is safe in their hands. That they have our best interests at heart and will continue to view us through God’s eyes rather than through the knowledge of good and evil which condemns.

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