The gallon of milk from the pit

Every morning, Alice has a pretty standard breakfast. A banana, some cereal, and some whole, vitamin D milk. Like a robot, I tend to get things ready and she is ready to go! I automatically get her milk, get her fruit, get her cereal. And she waits patiently for it. She may watch a little PBS, sing a little song, call out “Munmy!”… But i all goes fairly smooth.

This morning, it did not. I had just bought milk a couple of days ago, but when I opened the fridge there was this mysterious second gallon of vitamin D whole milk. Where did this come from? And it seemed like it was almost gone, especially when compared to the other gallon. I looked it over. It said it wasn’t to expire until November 22, which, at the time there was still plenty of days left. But where did it come from?

I am pretty conscious about which things to use first, so I pulled out this new gallon because it did have less. I opened the top and peered inside. It looked ok. And then it hit me square in the nasal receptors…

Why why why why why? Where did this terrible gallon of anger come from?! It looked ok, but really, it had obviously turned. Where did this come from? The pit? Or had it been hidden in the back and someone else found it and pulled it forward do it could be used? Terrible. I just wanted to retch, and burn the smell from my nose.

Instead, I hastily put the cap back on, put it on the counter and backed away. Alice had now seen something was not right, but all she really saw was that I hadn’t gotten her milk yet.

“Mummy!” she cried. I got the other gallon, poured her milk and her morning was put back into order. And that’s all she really cared about.


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