And yet, there is a 5 year old in the house


Lily turned 5 this past weekend. That to me is nonsense. I have a second child who is 5 years old. It’s weird enough to think that I have 3 girls, but that they are still advancing in age boggles my mind.

I marvel that there are some people in my life who seem ageless. Friends, family members, there are just some people that just don’t really seem to get old. Maybe that’s why it’s shocking when you find out someone’s in the hospital. It doesn’t make sense.

But kids are different. You can’t help noticing they are getting older as they spring up in height. And even if you can’t believe their growing up there is the ever marching role of grades and schools to remind you.

Lily is 5 now and there’s no way we’re gonna be able to undo that.


One thought on “And yet, there is a 5 year old in the house

  1. How cute she is. You are surrounded by a lot of beauty. That is perhaps why you are so ‘up’ and spirited!
    Love you all.
    Thanks for sharing.

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