I asked my Nana what her favorite technological advance was

I picked up my Nana in my sister’s CRV. Our cars are having problems and I wasn’t sure if they’d have made it up to Duncannon, specifically Linton Hill. Linton Hill is past Duncannon, on the way to a place called Meck’s Corner. If you know Perry County then you may be aware if places like Meck’s Corner or Hunky Hollow. All real places.

I helped my Nana climb into the car and we got started on our trip to the funeral home. She likes Kyleigh’s car and will sit in the front seat, even though she’s not supposed. She has a pacemaker and a defibrillator. She calls it her friend. One of her nieces, my second cousin, had died. I volunteered to take her because I wanted to. But also my parents are out of town, and my other siblings are all engaged in work, travel, or school. We winded down through the hills of red dirt that make up the county and we started to talk.

I asked my Nana when we crossed the Juniata what her favorite technological advance was and she replied, with no hesitation, the bathroom.




My Nana looked up into my face, she’s a little shorter than me but these seats do make things a little even, and said, “When I would go to the outhouse, back on the farm, your grandfather would throw snowballs at me through the hole.”

“Sounds fun.”

“I’m sure it was for him. I didn’t like it as much.”

“Well, did you ever do it back to him?”

“Heavens, no.”

“Why not?”

She got a little serious, her grey eyes were fixed on me. “He was my husband. And if I did he probably would’ve come at me harder.” She started to chuckle and I started to laugh, too. I never knew my grandad but when I hear these stories I’m reminded of my dad and I know a little more about me and where I came from.


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