Salute the last and everlasting day

John Donne wrote a poem commemorating the ascension and he starts it with, “salute the last and everlasting day“. What a thought, right? I mean I often wake up every morning and think that the day starts at that moment. I look at mornings, in my Walk, as a chance to start again. I wake up fully aware of yesterday’s failures and I “preach the gospel to myself” so that I can start again, full of the assurances laid in the life and death of my Lord.

But to think of the “day” not as a 24 hour period sets my head on a tilt. What a wonderful thought, though, that on the day of Christ’s ascension something wondrously new has begun. It’s a new day, a complete restart. A chance to forget the past and strain towards what lies ahead (Phil 3:13). Before that day, when Jesus sat on the throne as the Risen Lord, there was still just the hope. But now, day has broken in a dark world and we can look forward to the close of this day and the announcing of the new day, when barriers are broken, when my faith is made sight.

Do you think of the ascension like Donne did? Do you think of the ascension as the start of the day you live in?


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