Do whatever He tells to do


We are studying John in Sunday School one chapter at a time. This mak me nervous, espescially on the weeks that I have to teach. Knowing the limited time frame and the amount of material in each chapter, what do I spend my time on? Derek has done a great job in the first two chapters, but it still worries me for my time is coming in three weeks.

On Sunday, we talked about John 2. Again, Derek did a great job covering the chapter as a unit and talking about the major points, and well making sure that it’s understood that as we read john that we need to pay attention to Jesus. These were written about Him, He’s the focus. So we watch Him as He moves.

A highlight for me was listening to how Derek handled the text. This is not a proof text on drinking or not drinking alcohol. It’s about Jesus. And no one makes this more clear than Mary, His mother. What does she say? “Do whatever He tells you to do.”

Such great advice that only can be taken on our willingness to agree that He: 1) knows what He’s doing and 2) has our best interests at heart. And these two things can only stand if we 1) know Him and 2) allow Him to be understood as being interested in us.

I’ve been thinking back through the past year and all the places that God has led us through. All that we want to be known for is our faithfulness. Success is not, then, based on where we end up in the world’s eyes or on some status quota. It’s based on how well I follow the advice of a woman from two thousand years ago: “Do whatever He tells you to do.”


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