10 years on


Yesterday marked ten years of the tragic end of thousands of innocence. I remember that day vividly. But, more I remember the decision I made that day.

We were supposed to have Bible Study that night. Emily called me after lunch to ask if we were still going to meet. I didn’t hesitate, but answered, “Why wouldn’t we meet?”. It was a rhetorical question, with no need to answer. There were too many reasons to meet. We all had fears and questions and our meeting was not immune to the uneasy sentiment that we weren’t sure what was going on.

We were studying the book of the Revelation, and that night we were going to read chapter 4. I’m so glad we meet that night.

Despite all the questions we had, we could be sure of a few things that were so important that they could never be fully grasped. Jesus was seated firmly on the Throne of heaven and there was nothing that could challenge Him successfully. Death had been defeated, our joy and hope were secure. And in the face of such devastating disaster, we could proclaim what those thousands of innocent knew by noon that same day: everything was alright because He was seated on the throne.

Arriving home, Kyleigh and stepped out of the car and I thought to look up. I called my sister’s attention to the fact that this was a night like no other, where we would loom up and see a plane-less sky. It was the clearest night that we could see the stars for what they were and not be distracted by the transitory flashings of man in flight. That night I saw the stars called by their Maker, giving evidence not just to their Maker but to His reign.


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