Sojourning versus aimlessness

I am at the WorshipGod11 conference. I have been looking forward to attending here since … Well, since two years ago when I left the last conference. It is such a great time of encouragement and refreshment. Even more so at times like these.

I was reminded of a Harold Best quote:
“Excellence is directly linked to sojourn, and sojourn is not going in circles, nor is it haphazard wandering. It is purposeful doing, even though the doing might be so new and so risky that it might appear for a while that we are moving in the dark.”

Such a wonderful bit of truth, and so appropriate as I move in this time. Because it does feel aimless at times. I do feel like a foreigner in a foreign land.

But, my goal and purpose has not changed: to serve Him. And as I pursue to do this where He is calling me next, I am still pursuing to do what he has called me to do in all excellence. If I cannot do what I’m called to do here, a kind of wilderness, how effective can I be in the land He is calling me to?


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