Heather stayed awake! or Harry Potter was viewed and the only thing asleep were our children!

As may be recalled, there was a bit of hesitancy over the hows and whens that the last Harry Potter was going to be watched.  I did want to see it in the theater but I was ok waiting.  I hadn’t seen a Harry Potter movie in the theater for a while and so what would missing this one hurt?  But then there was the whole “Heather will fall asleep” conundrum.  So, last Friday, Heather and I caught the 10:20 show with my sister, Kyleigh, and her boyfriend.  It was watched and enjoyed.

My heart on this matter is that I am a reader and I really would like Heather to get the same passion out of reading that I do.  I read more than Children’s Lit, by the way; my taste is as varied as the types of music that I listen to (which is quite a lot).  I always thought, after I figured I would get married, that my wife and I would read the same books and talk about them.  Throughout the Harry potter series we would watch the movies, which are little more than cliff-notes, and I would fill her in on the vital parts that the movie glossed over.  Like Winky.  Poor Winky.

God gave me a mate for my help.  He knew exactly who I needed to partnered with.  Someone full of grace ,and patience, and love, and patience.  I could not, or would not, ask for anyone else.

I’m afraid I’m making her sound illiterate.  She’s not.  Right now she’s reading David Platt’s Radical, which I have already read and maybe we’ll talk about it when she’s done.  We are also doing a devotional together from Matthias Media.  We do do things together, and our current situation is giving us a lot of time together.  It’s been nice.  Full of prayer.  And nice.


One thought on “Heather stayed awake! or Harry Potter was viewed and the only thing asleep were our children!

  1. You are a special couple God put together. God knew/knows you need someone to balance you, and Heather is just that gracious, sweet thing. I know you make her life very exciting!
    Miss you guys. Enjoy the time there, bec. God has great plans for you. Jer. 29:11.

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