Moving means never being able to find your bow ties.

So, we’ve been living at my parent’s for a little over a week and things are kinda getting squared away.  The lounge is still full of boxes, but hopefully that will be remedied today.


I still can’t find stuff.  Like dress pants that fit.  I’ve been going through a bit of weight fluctuation over the past year.  I topped off and then have been slimming down.  but I haven’t gotten rid of my “fat” pants yet because what if this winter is a hard one and I have to squirrel things away, primarily in my body?  you never know.  But, of course, these largesse pants are all that I can find right now.  I sat down a lot at the river service yesterday because not everyone needs to know what kind of underwear I got on.  If they really cared, I’m sure they’d ask anyway, right?  And so I wore jeans to church yesterday… and then we got in the car and there was this terrible odor.  The smell?  Like a weird mildew.  Yes, from my pants.

And I really felt strongly that yesterday was a bow tie day.  Strongly.  I searched in vain, diving in and out of wardrobe boxes to find them to no avail.  I have no clue where they are.  Distressing.

These are the joys of a rushed packing job.  It just seems never ending, the unpacking.  We have been doing ok, but it can be so much when you think you’re getting close to realise just how much you have left.  You can’t really relax, or sit down, because your brain is constantly working out the angles of how and where to put everything.  If we just moved this piece of furniture over an inch, maybe we can have some room to put the crib up.  Or if I only unpack 6 pairs of socks, then this drawer can be used for something else.  This past weekend was the first time in about three weeks that I had the peace of mind to really read a book and focus on the book.  I’ve had magazine article attention span, which makes me uncomfortable.  But I read a book on Saturday and it felt nice, relaxing.  Though a little strained and awkward, I can feel routine trying to work itself out.

Especially when these things aren’t planned.


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