Water for Elephants? More like “I can see through your veiled reference at ‘redlighting’ to mean ‘old folks home'”.

I’ve been thinking through my reading list this summer. It’s gonna run the gamut. I just finished “Water for Elephants” which was a terrible book, by the way. It’s a book I could say would probably make a better movie. I feel like I blinked through the actual story.

I think my problem is that I have a problem with most contemporary story tellers who seem to be more interested in packing certain elements in the text above the story and character development. They’ve figured out the formula so they just work it. Or they know their audience well enough that they’re not interested in gathering anyone else.

I need good stories and strong characters. Beyond the theology I’m pouring through, some really good stuff, I need good stories, well woven narratives. I’m going to retreat into Agatha Christie while I’m at the beach.

Seriously, oh reader, what should I read? Give me your suggestions! And if you suggest a book I’ve already read, I’m more than willing to re-read! Build me my summer reading list! Is there a book you want to read but would rather have me read and review? Let me know!


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