I’m in none of these photos….

I’ve been going through some of my photos.  It’s a habit… I go through and merge some albums, and delete some photos, clearing space and organizing.


What I’ve noticed is that I’m really not in a lot of photos.  There are loads of photos of the girls, and of Heather, and of Heather and the girls, and of vacations…. I’m in about 1 out of every 100.  Where did I go?  The truth is I’m the one taking all of the photos.  I’m there with the camera shooting everything.  There are pictures of me, because there are kind people who go with us on these trips, sometimes, and they take my photo, so I’m in a lot of group shots, or posed.  And thank you, all you Disney Photo Pass people, otherwise it would look as they had never been to Disney!


It doesn’t bother me except for posterity’s sake.  At one of my great-Aunt’s birthday parties, there was a photo album of my Nana’s family.  There were all of these pictures of my Nana’s family, and of her parents and of my Dad’s family growing up.  And there were very few of my Nana.  There were a great number of her sisters and their families but there was maybe two or three of my Nana.  So, I asked, “Nana, where are you in all of these pictures? What were you gone that day?”

Her reply, “Who do you think was taking all the pictures?”  She was the only one who had the money to afford a camera.  So, she came back to the homestead and took the pictures that she could afford to get developed.  So, we have this wonderful record of her family and their changes over time and what we have of my Nana is who she was over time: the one who got away to come back to record what was going on while she was away.  Do I wish I had more photos of my Nana?  Yes.  The ones we have are priceless (like the bikini one she took to send to my Grandpa while he was in Korea).


So, maybe my girls will wish the same, that they had more photos of dear old dad.  “He was a good man,” they’ll say, “and he loved us.”  And they’ll have all of those photos, lovingly taken, to show them.  Because the photos, though taken by me, are not about me, but about them.


2 thoughts on “I’m in none of these photos….

  1. you learn a lot about yourself when you realize how happy you are that people are stuck just outside the window in a thunderstorm.

    • lol… well, I think it depends on the situation, but I would agree. We look so carefree, as if we were really happy that we made it inside as opposed to others.

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