Spring in the Midwest

I think Spring had every intention of coming to the Midwest, but I think it got waylaid somewhere.  We’ve seem to have had a mess of disastrous, torrential fits of climate.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen rain come down so hard or so fast.  I sometimes chalk it up to the fact that all you have out here is sky.  There are no mountains to break up the weather; just sky.  Mostly cloudy sky.

There is one overarching theme that comes out of people’s mouths when you talk to them about the weather: this is not normal.  We’ve heard that since we’ve moved out here.  From the heavy snowfalls, to the lack of Spring, to the weird smell of wet milled corn that lingers in the air… this is all not normal.  Or at least, like the smell, they may just be so used to it that they don’t notice it as abnormal until someone brings it to their attention.  They, in a sense, “wake up” to it.

I wonder what the weather “really” is like here in Indiana.


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