Apparently “Rapture” means something else…

It’s now Monday, and I’m hidden away in a coffeehouse trying to avoid people and get some work done.  If I went into the office it’s not that I’d be pestered by people, really.  My distractions range from “What was that noise?” to “I wonder what happens if I push this paperclip across the floor with my nose?”

But the point is: It’s now Monday.  We made it through the weekend.  Survived the scare.

I have mixed emotions.  Would I’ve loved Jesus to come back?  Yes, Come Quickly!  But then I think of everyone who really was afraid they’d hear a trumpet.

I received an odd tweet on Saturday asking me if I was afraid.  This person was.  She was very nervous, and here was everyone asking her what she thought, and was she afraid… this person still lives in PA.  So her instinct was to get in contact with me and ask me whether she had every right to be afraid.  Because she was.  Being so far away, I wondered if anything I said would do anything.  I answered her back, in less than 120 characters: “The only reason to be afraid is that you know the “rapture” is possible but you never did anything about it”.  Best answer I could give.  She tweeted: “makes sense.”

As I said on Thursday post this has been a great time to listen to those around us.  As a Christian, I have some beliefs that seem  kind of “one off”.  These beliefs don’t make sense unless you can sit back and see the whole story for what it is, and understand the belief in what others call the “supernatural”.  For those of us now awake, these things become expectations.  Does God answer prayer?  Yes. Can God topple governments by the rustling of the leaves in the trees?  Yes.  Would the God of the Universe become a man and die and then come back, only to go away and then return?  Yes.  All of these things make sense to me, because I am getting to know the God I serve and His story.

But these things can seem so unreal.  And some of those fears came out this weekend.  They exhibited themselves in lots of ways, parties, and tweets to their pastoral friends states away… but they are fears.  Or, just the wish that the Christians would disappear and leave everyone else alone.

I wonder if the feeling that the “Rapture” is a type of judgement has passed.  It’s become this idea of escape while the rest of the world goes to Hell in a handbasket.  Even for Christians, do we take this too lightly?  If we are to be light and salt and we have friends who are coming to us with questions and fears and we are unwilling to listen and to treat them seriously, how effective are we being?

This passed weekend is a lesson in grace, and we should make it known.  God did not send His Son for this reason: “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance (2 Peter 3:9).”


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