News in the age of Tweets

I don’t know how you found out bin Laden had been killed, but maybe it was relatable to mine. I googled it. I was watching Celebrity Apprentice.. Er, I mean, I was watching PBS when the screen shrunk and I was told to wait for an upcoming announcement from the President. I thought he was going to address the nation on the horrific storms that had devastated the South. So, I googled “Presidential Address”. And what I found instead were all of those blips from news stations all stating that He was going to announce bin Laden had Been killed.

Google told me because I was too impatient. Really, all i had to do was go to Facebook word spread like wildfire. Is this me in the electronic age?How did you find out?


One thought on “News in the age of Tweets

  1. I first saw a RT from Cure (a non-profit for children with varying illnesses. oddly enough) of a news story saying that Bin Laden had been killed.

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