William Buckley interviews Hugh Hefner on Firing Line

This was great interview.  Loads of things going on here about worldviews, and about their natural ends.    Thank you to everyone at 22words.com for pointing out this little gem.  You can watch the rest of the interview on YouTube.  Love to hear your feedback on this stuff.


One thought on “William Buckley interviews Hugh Hefner on Firing Line

  1. Morality =The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. So then it is a matter of who’s standards you want to conduct yourself by. I never will forget what my nursing instructor said when one of the classmates complained when we were having an inspection and she was looking at the bottom of our shoes. “I want to hold you to the highest possible standards because I know when you get out in the real world ( of nursing ) you will slip and not be so strict. If I expected just what is acceptable then you would slide into unacceptable behavior. You should always strive to the highest standard.” I think that we should always strive toward the highest standard. I shudder at the the thought of “situational ethics” – a very slippery slope that I fear we have already started on that will lead to no absolutes. I pray that we all can follow Christ as our absolute.

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