The ill-effects of long term exposure to poor Christian music…

There is comfort in the bubble.  But the bubble can shape us into bubble dwellers.  We see the outside world as distorted oil spills.  We let some things into the bubble, and if its colored the same way or comes from another bubble, we label it as safe.  And sometimes its easier to trust what comes from other bubbles as opposed to actually seeing what it is we’re letting in.

Having worked in Christian Radio for a couple of years at a Christian radio station I’ve seen all kinds of things come through.  From Christian boy bands to hard core Southern Anthemers.  But there were some songs that just never made it passed my desk.  Some of it was personal (I worked at a college station which had a large base of high school listeners; Southern Gospel did not get much airtime).  But a lot of it had to do with what was being said by the artist… or not said.

As a private institution we had a lot of say about what we played or did not play.  We were better off then some of our other couterparts who were told what to play and how often by the labels.  I got to see both sides of the label as i interacted with guests and talked to other stations.  The goals were admirable, and we all had Christ first… but we were all really part of a marketing machine.

Christian music is a huge industry… and its an industry.  If something is not producing, it was left behind.

But perhaps the worst part was listening to those who listened to our stations.  Our product was “safe” so it was ok if it was the only thing you listened to.  But in reality, without the precaution of actually listening to what was being said, there was that chance that maybe you were letting something in that wasn’t quite right.  By allowing your son and daughter to listen to the station, you thought you would be safe to not have to talk about songs that were focused on relationships with the opposite sex…


This may seem really dour, but I think that we as Christians need to be better at understanding that we are really never safe from the world.  And there is a danger in thinking that this corner is safer than the others.  John Piper says we need to have a “wartime mentality”, meaning that we test everything that comes within our sphere.  We test ourseleves and our own motives.  All that to say, if you are a parent/worship leader/youth leader, you should really check out Shawn Groves’ post from yesterday.  It should hopefully make you think…


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