Lily wants to show you her underwear

Today is Show and Tell for Lily’s group at Preschool.  These are big days with big decisions.

So, last night Heather asked the question to Lily, “What do you want to bring to school for Show and Tell tomorrow?”

“Mummy, I need to get in my drawer.”

“Why do you need to get in your underwear drawer?  Is there something in there you want o take to school?”

“Yes,” Lily responds, “my underwear.”

Claire gives a look of shock and surprise as Heather responds, “You want to bring a pair of your underwear for Show and Tell?”

Claire, chimes in, “Lily, you don’t want to show your underwear to everyone.”

Heather argues, “You want to show boys your underwear??”

“Yes, and I want to take a pair of pants and this shirt to show them, too.”

Heather, ever the voice of reason, “Well, why don’t you just wear that outfit to school?  Then everyone can see it, and you can take something else to school for Show and Tell?”

Claire, ever the voice of propriety chimes in, “But don’t show anyone your underwear.”

Lilian agrees and crisis is averted.


Poor Lily, so unashamed to show people what she cares about.  She is very proud to wear underwear as it has been noted that this is kind of what sets her a part from babies.  All this brings to my mind is what I’m willing to air because of my faith in Christ.  What I’m proud of is not anything I’ve done, but I hope that when I “boast, I boast in Christ”.  And so what I say and do, everything that I’m about, even here in my new ministry position, may it be of what Christ has done.


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