A Bruised Faith

There are times when I need to be beat up by God.  There are times when I forcibly need God to wrench something out of my hands because that something is taking His place.  And if I hold on too tight and my arm breaks in the process, so be it.  I’d rather go to Heaven with one less arm than to be fully whole and in Hell.

Donne says it so beautifully:

Batter my heart, three person’d God; for, you
As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seeke to mend;
That I may rise, and stand, o’erthrow mee,’and bend
Your force, to breake, blow, burn and make me new.
I, like an usurpt towne, to’another due,
Labour to’admit you, but Oh, to no end,
Reason your viceroy in mee, mee should defend,
But is captiv’d, and proves weake or untrue.
Yet dearley’I love you,’and would be loved faine,
But am betroth’d unto your enemie:
Divorce mee,’untie, or breake that knot againe,
Take mee to you, imprison mee, for I
Except you’enthrall mee, never shall be free,
Nor ever chast, except you ravish mee.

But its not because I’m being punished.  All punitive damages to those faithful in Christ were absorbed by the body of Christ as He hung and died on the Cross.  Instead, it’s the work of a loving Father working for good all that He has intended for them since the beginning of time.

And in that, I finally find peace.  If not for the love of God I am lost.


One thought on “A Bruised Faith

  1. May God be ever Glorified by the desire of His Children

    “Fire, meant to purify

    All that my works just cannot buy.

    If it’s gold I seek, I testify,

    Through heat of trials my faith He’ll try.

    He is the fire; that consuming Flame.

    And Glory to His Holy Name!

    Before His Throne we all will stand.

    Shall He accept from a filthy hand?

    I need His burning hand anew.

    I pray you let Him burn you too.”

    By His Grace.

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