Moving- Chapter 4: Travels with Cranmer

We left yesterday for Lafayette around 3 in the afternoon. Every available space was packed, including the doors on the moving truck. Despite having to reroute directly through Carlisle to get on 76, it’s been a fairly decent ride.

Heather is on the van with the girls, and I’m in the second Penske with Cranmer and Aslan. I may have gotten the rawer deal. Cranmer is doing well. He’s sleeping most of the time. Not much of a conversationalist, he doesn’t complain bout my choice of music.

Aslan, however, may be the whiniest cat in the history of the world. He’s nonstop. I’m not sure if he’s trying for a record, and I’m not sure he’s aware that no contest exists. Cranmer turns his head with those eyes that express the sentiments of both of us.

We’re all here in Columbus for the night and were grateful for the soft bed. As I travelled thru the mountains I’ll sorely miss, I was reminded that god gave plains as well as mountains. And if each mountain stands in praise and is testament to His power, then the grasses sing the million part chorus of His wonder. Amazing.

We’ll arrive in Lafayette sometime around 2 this afternoon.


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