Moving – Chapter 2: This is not the first time I’ve moved from this place

The house that we live in, at least for the next two days, was occupied by Fullers before.  My parents built the house when I was in Kindergarten.  They wanted to move so we would be in a better school district, or at least in the better half of the school district.  We moved out when I was in 3rd grade to go up the street to a house that would better accommodate a family with 5 kids.

I really don’t remember moving out of the house the last time.  I have distinct memories of us moving in.  It was snowing, and cold and the house was never going to heat up because every door in the place was open to allow the easy movement of goods from truck to room. I sat with my two sisters on the floor of the living room upstairs with our babysitter and tried to stay warm.

Now it’s my turn.  Boxes are everywhere, the girls are sleeping on the floor, and it’s cold outside.  Well, it would be cold for July.  it’s been seasonably warm and very mild.  I’m praying it stays that way.

I don’t really remember moving out of the house except for what followed.  We left our house and went to live with my Nana over Christmas break.  The snow and cold had stopped construction on our house so we became nomads.  First to my Nana’s, and then to a friend’s house in the neighborhood when school started back up.  It was a pretty stressful time, for me.  We were living out of suitcases and trying not to get in the way of the family we lived with.  I’m not sure if it was ok all the time.  My  mum tried to make it go well, though.  Even when we all started to come down with Strep throat… we were all waiting for these conditions to end.  And it’s not for myself and for my own goodness that I am where I’m at.  As we read this past Christmas season, it’s “for all peoples”.

It’s amazing how much has changed since then.  That feeling of homelessness was hard to shake, and I always carried that feeling when I was around others that maybe I was just there temporarily, or that I was “put up” with.  Waiting for better conditions for this momentary awkwardness.  But now I feel a purpose for being.  It’s more than a gift.  In a sense it’s an obligation, but one I am happy to carry.  A burden happily shouldered knowing that it will bring eternally what others could only promise tentatively.

So, Heather and I aren’t the first Fullers to move out of this house, but I think we’ll hold the record for furthest flung after leaving this house.  Which is a shame.  It’s a good house, with a nice yard, beautiful view of the mountain, and in a great neighborhood.  It’s just not where we’re supposed to be.  I’m excited to leave for Indiana.  I’m not sure if the girls realize what the move means yet, but they’re happy to “camp out” on the floor.

We leave tomorrow.


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