Getting lost in Lafayette

I wonder how long it takes for someone to become acclimated to a new area.  The best judge would have to be time spent between using iPhone to get around.  I can’t figure out any natural landmarks.  Lafayette has no hills and no mountains, so my whole judge of landmarks is based on restaurants, gas stations, and other buildings.   This is great, except there are so many of the same restaurants, gas stations, and other buildings.

We’ve been driving around looking at different places to rent, and the area looks the same from all perspectives.  I never knew how much I relied on hills and mountains to understand where I was.  But with nothing noticeable here, I’m having to rely more on buildings and roads… which is fine until they tear them down and build new ones.

As for looking at places to live… we’ve been having a time.  Everything so far has been too small.  But we’re hopeful.  We know that God knows exactly where we’re supposed to be.  So, we’re waiting, and looking.  Please continue to keep us in prayer.

We’re staying with Pastor Dan, and he lives on the North East side of town.  There are some rolling hills here and it fells a bit like PA.  It’s gonna take time to get used to it being so flat with no beach around.  But, I wonder, again, how long does it take for someone to get used to the area?


3 thoughts on “Getting lost in Lafayette

  1. Tim (husband) is from Iowa. They use the cardinal point North, South, East, West a lot out there. They won’t say, the book is in the blue bedroom. They’ll say, “the book is in the East bedroom” (etc)

    Might need latitudinal and longitudinal guides to help you! lol

    At least those don’t fail you, and every GPS can be set that way, and Google has that option too.

    best wishes as you settle in.


  2. Go native. I’ve moved several times across PA for newspaper jobs. You can settle in fairly quickly if you drive around and learn the lay of the land (including getting lost occasionally!), learn the dialect, love the food, love the people. And lose your native accent!

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