I’m a bit overzealous after the Picture Day fiasco

Tonight is Trick-or-tret night here in Harrisburg.  Our neighborhood loves it!  There are kids that are bussed in from other communities and we have a great time.  It’s a great way to meet new neighbors and to catch up as we stroll through, kids in tow.

Today is also the Halloween parties at school.  The kids get to dress up and march around.They’ll play games and have a good time… well, if it actually were today.

Sometimes I marvel at how much I assume.  Tonight’s Trick-or-Treat night so today, as it was when I went through CDSD, should be the Halloween party.  Makes sense, right?

Heather spent all of last night making sure that the costumes were ready to go for today.  Claire has decided she’s going as Pocahontas.  They got her a wig (haven’t seen her in it but I can’t wait!), and they put her outfit in a bag and she’s ready to go.  So, this morning we walk out the door to the bus stop and Claire’s arms are full, between her book bag and the costume. We’re the first ones there, which is kind of a rare experience, so we talk about how Claire is excited for the day.  It’s her first school party, and I’m going to be there to help (fulfilling my role as Stay @ Home Dad).  We’re both excited!

Then other kids start trickling in.  And I think, “Well, they must have their costumes in their book bags,” because their arms are noticeably empty.  Then…

Christy: Claire, whats in the bag?

Claire:  My costume.  I’m going to be Pocahontas.

Christy: The party’s tomorrow.

Claire looks at me .  I look at two of the mums standing nearby…”Tomorrow?” I ask.

The two mums voice, “yeah, the party’s are on fridays.”

“But today’s Thursday,” I say.

“Yes, but the party’s are on Fridays.  Tomorrow is the Halloween party.”


Well, for once, we’re early.  At least now we’re uberprepared for the day….


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