Lafayette bound! (aka, I got the job!)

As the title says, I got the job!  The Fullers, the Warwick Fullers, are moving to Lafayette, IN.  This is exciting news (overstatement of the year, for sure).

My job will be Assoc. Pastor of a Crestview United Brethren in Christ.  We are right now looking for places to live, and for schools.  It’s a daunting task.  We don’t really know the area well.  We’re going to be contacting a realtor and talking to members from the church out there.  As always, your prayers are always appreciated.

We haven’t told the girls yet.  We’re waiting until there are some more questions answered.  I think knowing where we are going to live, and what school we are going to may help with the transition process.  So, if you see them, mum’s the word.  At least for now.  We have been very careful not to talk to any of the kids at church about it either, and asking that their parents not tell.  One kid telling my girls will be all that would be needed.  We’re hoping to tell the girls soon, as we also hope to find a place to live soon.

I’ll be filling in more details as we find more out.  Thank you all for your prayers!


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