A Milestone, or a millstone. Either way…

Well, as of this past Monday I have been cleared by my denomination for ordination.  This is a pretty big milestone in my life.  It’s definitely something that I’ve been working on and focusing on for the past 10 years.  And it would be nice to kick back, relax, even celebrate a little.

But, this wasn’t the focus, really.  It was a goal that enables me to work in the denomination that I really believe God has called me to be in.  I know I could serve Him who called me without being ordained, but not effectively in the denomination that He called me to.  Also, being ordained is a recognition and affirmation by the local and denominational church that they see what I think I see, God’s call on my life.

So it is a big deal.  But I also am very aware of the responsibility that it leads to.  I can now serve from the pulpit and the office of a church… Didn’t Jesus lay down a lot of warnings to the teachers?  Yeah, I want this to stay a milestone and turn into a millstone.


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