The Interview Update: I think bow ties will be accepted.

Everything went great out in Lafayette. Heather and I had our interview on Saturday while one of their youth watched Claire and Lily (Alice stayed with us). It went really well.  The interview team was made up of the board and then some from the congregation whom I would be working with.  From what I have heard, I answered their questions with things they needed to hear from me about myself… which is good because it was all from the heart.

There are still two more guys that they want to interview, but we’re pretty positive about the whole experience.  We found a very friendly, supportive congregation with a lot of people who are at a stage in life very comparable to our own.  We felt like we would be going into a community that really wanted us to be there, which would be wonderful, especially for the girls.  This would be the hardest move for all of us considering we have had such a wonderful time at Devonshire.  It is going to be hard to leave that wonderful community, but it helps that we’ll be heading to a very similar one.

As always, your prayers are appreciated.  I’ve enjoyed talking to others about this time in our lives.  I’ve gotten some great insight and some great advice.  it does feel great to think that one part of my life is over and a new one begins.  It feels real at this point.  I’m trying to maintain a cool about it though; I don’t want to get my hopes up on this, thinking this is the only spot for me.  We’re waiting and trusting, and keeping ourselves busy.  Again, they could let us know as soon as next week… or it could be the week after that.

A bow tie did not make an appearance, but the scarf did.  They seemed to accept it for what it is and weren’t going to judge it.  Another bonus.  I didn’t want to introduce the bow ties into a place that would not accept them for who they are.  I think they’ll do ok, here.


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