Would Middle-America hire a bow-tie wearer?

Today we leave for Indiana.  We’re almost all packed at this point.

It’s an odd thing packing for an interview.  I’m doing the once over all of my items to make sure that I’m doing the best to represent myself.  No, the whale pants are going.  Best save that for when I’m already hired.

A big question is what sort of neckwear?  Tie or bow-tie.  I’ve become a bow-tie wearer over the past year, but do I think they want to hire a bow-tie wearer.  I should wear what best represents me, right?  Just be myself.  But would I hire a bow-tie wearer?  Is this what Middle-America wants?


2 thoughts on “Would Middle-America hire a bow-tie wearer?

  1. Always go with the Bow tie if it’s truly who you are.
    I’ve been wearing one for years and it has never let me down. Two scholarships and a speech contest are a cloud of witnesses for the power of the self-tied bow tie. Always!

    • Well, just so you know, none of my bow ties made an appearance this time around. My scarf did show up and I think that was enough for one trip. A bow tie will mos def make an appearance on my next trip out.

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